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Introduction This is a unique game where you will succeed by cunningly and creatively ‘splashing’ and mixing, with the use of colors and lights.

I’ve always known that I will create a game one day, i'm Lajos Farkas, developer of Brilliance. After 25 years in corporate I decided to have a go at it. This is my first game, so simplicity was a priority, but I also wanted to create a game that no one had done before. To do this, I focused on the desire that lives in every child and in most adults as well: to create something, to be creative. What makes Brilliance stand out from the numerous logical games is that you can achieve higher levels by using the specifics of lights and colors in a creative way.

In Brilliance not only can you mix or combine colors, but you will have to use the refractions created by the glass and other reflective elements, the reflections and the laws of how the prisms work to get to the solution. There is not only one way to solve the puzzles and go to the next level. This creative game helps developing one’s ability to solve problems but even if you get stuck, don’t worry, you can see the solution on every level on a schematic screen. However, if you are unable to reach the next level it’s best to put it down, you will definitely be able to solve it later.

Brilliance is not a fighting game, but it is also not a calming game e.g. it will not raise your adrenalin stress level to the sky but I admit it can be quite frustrating if you cannot solve the puzzle so it will not put you in a ‘Zen’ state of mind. either This game has a clear design, uses simple elements and has a lot of challenges. Especially since you have to see it from the beginning to the end and how you have to build up the system of colors that covers the screen when completed.

Description Particular game with lights and beams.
You can solve logic problems with a unique mechanism, in a beautifully colorful environment in a cunning way.

At the heart of the game you can control the lights and other reflective gameplay elements.
You will need to mix the correct colors and find the proper route to reach the target cage in order to return the birds to freedom.
Gameplay may improve complex mindset, you will always need to know what the next step is.
On most levels there are several solutions, but you will need to use your imagination to do them.
Embark on a challenging experience. Keep striving for perfection on your own, but feel free to use the hints available on each level.

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Developer Name: Lajos Farkas
Location: Budapest, Hungary

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