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What is Brilliance? Brilliance is our particural game with lights and beams

You can solve logic problems with a unique mechanism, in a beautifully colorful environment in a cunning way.
At the heart of the game you can control the lights and other reflective gameplay elements.
You will need to mix the correct colors and find the proper route to reach the target cage in order to return the birds to freedom.
Gameplay may improve complex mindset, you will always need to know what the next step is.
On most levels there are several solutions, but you will need to use your imagination to do them.

Embark on a challenging experience. Keep striving for perfection on your own, but feel free to use the hints available on each level.

Gameplay Check out our game trailer video:

The logic of this laser puzzle game You get only basic explanation and minimum necessary tutorial how it works, you must figure it out.

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